?!doctype html> Rolex watches Beijing maintenance point

Rolex watches Beijing maintenance point

Rolex waterproof watch case seal is better, the dust is not easy to invade the movement, wash and refuel the time can be separated from the longer; no waterproof structure of the case seal is generally poor, dust, dirt easily from the watch gap into the movement, Unpacking the time to refuel it will be shorter. Rolex watch the use of the process, only to find more and more slowly or foot on the foot when less and less time to go, only need to wash and refuel. The normal movement of the Rolex watch has been around for four years without washing up refueling, it is best to wash and refuel once. Because the machine still maintain a normal time to go, but when the oil evaporates dry, and then continue to move, easy to make the machine wear, if you wait until the machine is not normal after the demolition of refueling, some parts will be some damage or increase the repair difficult. Rolex watch maintenance methods: 1, do not watch and radio, television and other magnetic objects close to each other, so as not to affect the accuracy. Do not approach solvents, mercury, cosmetic sprays, detergents, adhesives or paints, camphor, or case, Straps will be bleached, deteriorated or damaged. 2, waterproof, shockproof, anti-magnetic watch, can only play a preventive role in the use must still avoid contact with water, magnetic field and strong vibration, so as not to damage the movement, affecting the service life. 3, if the water is not serious, but the glass inside the watch layer of mist, then you can use a few layers of toilet paper or easy to absorb moisture flannel watch watch, in the 40-watt light bulb 15 cm bake about 30 minutes, you can eliminate steam. Should not watch the watch near the fire directly baked, so as not to watch the watch heat deformation. You can watch the watch in Mongolia, the bottom shell outward, anti-wear on the wrist, two hours after the water vapor can be eliminated. If the watch water is serious, it is best to immediately send the watch shop rub oil, remove the movement of water, to avoid rusting parts. 4, quartz watch maintenance. When the battery is exhausted and the watch stops, you should remove the battery as soon as possible, or as soon as possible to the designated Seiko special repair station for inspection. Watch at room temperature 5 ?-35 ?range, can be stable and accurate operation, travel time accuracy of ± 15 seconds per month, if the temperature exceeds 50 ?or below -10 ?will lead to a little faster or slow walking, when the reply At room temperature, the above situation will be better.

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